Such a Deal

In my ongoing effort to be careful with my money I stopped into a dollar store and picked up some new shoelaces. It was too good to be true and now I know why. And yes, I discovered this issue right before work so I had to watch my step that night.

Maybe I should get a cat…*

*When I had cats they eschewed all purchased cat toys in favor of household “trash”. Items like crumpled newspaper, paper bags, old shoelaces (and, of course, boxes of any size) were the toys of choice.

Star of the Day

Hit a favorite fishing hole Sunday afternoon for a little relaxation. It was a very mellow outing, the fish decided not to bite until just before sundown (which is right when all the nasty bugs come out for a bite as well). We only caught a few Hardhead Catfish, not really edible but fun to pull in.

It doesn’t matter to me if I catch anything, I just enjoy being out in the fresh air and sunshine. Plus, I get to watch all the wildlife. A sleepy Red-breasted Merganser was the most unusual of the nearby birds. While I know they winter around here I don’t often see them.

But the highlight of the day was this smallish sea star (Echinaster sp.). Unlike the rocky coastline in the Pacific Northwest where I regularly spotted sea stars during low tide, I rarely encounter them here. This shallow, sandy coast offers less suitable habitat (there are offshore reefs but as of yet I haven’t explored those). It was a treat to watch this one shuffle among the rocks in an effort to stay under the outgoing tide.

Fruit of the Sea

Treasure Island, Florida March 2022

Unlike the Texas Gulf Coast, there are not a lot of commercial shrimping boats along the Florida Gulf Coast (at least not in my region). I watched this outrigger motor out of John’s Pass earlier this week.

Heading out to trawl for the “fruit of the sea” (according to Benjamin Buford Blue aka Bubba). I don’t know about you but I can’t think of shrimping without remembering that famous scene from Forrest Gump. And, if by chance, you haven’t seen this movie, don’t walk but run, Forrest, run!