My Beach

After eight hours of hard driving on Wednesday it was nice to just put in a half day behind the wheel. Even better was arriving in Gulf Shores to a mild and sunny afternoon. I needed some fresh air and to stretch my legs so I pulled into Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge and hit the Pine Beach Trail.

I had my very own beach, my footprints were the only human tracks in the pristine white sand. The two other sets of tracks belonged to a Great Blue Heron and a Sanderling, and the size contrast between the two is quite striking.

A relaxing way to wind up the day!



After a rather adventurous trip I made it back to Port Aransas in time to gather with friends at the monthly Moonfire (in celebration of the full moon). The evening started with a breeze, so it was a bit chilly out on the beach. In perverse fashion, the temperatures climbed as the night wore on, it was 51 at 6pm but by 9 it was 54. And no, our fire wasn’t THAT big!

Side note: I’m going to avoid flying in and out of San Antonio from now on! I don’t have any problem with the actual airport but apparently my car has issues being left alone. Last time I had to replace the battery, this time I had to buy new tires. Good times!

You Sexy Cello Lover!

One of the many side benefits of visiting my friend Lisa is taking advantage of Portland’s quirky, cool music scene. This time we snagged tickets to Purple Reign by the Portland Cello Project. For this production the band was joined onstage by the proficient percussionist, Tyrone Hendrix and the stellar singer, Saeeda Wright – both former members of Prince’s band.

They wasted no time getting us into the groove with a rousing rendition of “Let’s Go Crazy.” You don’t have to like Prince’s music to appreciate the lyrics, “You better live now, before the grim reaper come knocking on your door”.

Later, Saeeda Wright brought the house down with the original, “Share You”, reminding us that we all have unique gifts that we shouldn’t hesitate to share with the world.

Then most of the performers left the stage and the core, touring members of the group played music inspired by Prince.

The full band came back with a medley of “Little Red Corvette” and “Raspberry Beret” before segueing into “You Sexy MF” (which they artfully changed to You Sexy Cello Lover). “Purple Rain” wrapped up the show and “I Would Die 4 You” was the encore. As always, I remain in awe of musicians who push their skills and instruments beyond the norm.

Even though Lisa’s ability to boogie was limited we had a groovy time!


I Give You My Word


Sunset, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica November 2019

“I was born with nothing,

and I ain’t got much to give,

but I give you my word…”

 “Don’t lie to me, it makes you look bad,

don’t lie to me, it’s all that you have,

don’t lie to me, you’re never gonna live it down”

The lyrics to this Mother Trucker’s song popped into my mind during a recent conversation with a friend about personal ethics. Give it a listen, besides being a fun romp there’s a certain amount of truth in there!


Coastal Oregon Visit

For me, a trip to Oregon would not be complete without a jaunt out to the coast. I’ve been visiting the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years and have even been fortunate enough to live here for a time. Though it was chilly, there was still a happy amount of sunshine peeking through the clouds.

Walking the beach was more meaningful this trip since just a week prior I had dipped my toes in the same ocean, albeit some 4,000 miles south. Beach = barefoot in my book, though I’ll admit the 51°F felt a bit cold (hence, the red toes). Obviously, the water was a lot warmer down in Costa Rica!


The Pacific Ocean never fails to mesmerize…

It’s On Sale!


Happiness for Sale, Portland, Oregon December 2019

It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness (with some important caveats). After basic human needs are met (food, shelter, and safety for example) happiness does improve with additional income, but only to a point. After that, more money ≠ more happiness.

While I don’t usually try to buy it, I was pleasantly surprised to find Happiness not only for sale, but on sale. I’ll let you know how it works!