‘Tis the Season for…Repurposing

Since the bedroom window in my new house is larger than the one in my old rental, I recently found myself in need of a headboard. Turns out those darn things can be kind of expensive so I put the purchase off for a bit.

Driving home the other evening I saw these closet shutters out by the curb. Figuring I could find a good use for them (and hating to see things thrown away), I turned around and shoved them in the back of my car. Thankfully, my Prius is rather like the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts – it accommodates most every need of mine.

After a few quick measurements I realized the shutters would work as a headboard. I made my plan that night and put it into action the following day. I might decide to paint them later but for now I’m quite pleased with the result. Cost of materials: $0. Sense of accomplishment: Priceless.

Another “Fun” House Project

Since I purchased my home the rotten exterior door in the laundry room has been on my list of things to dread (I mean, do). Instead of replacing the door I decided to fill it in (there is another exit to the backyard a mere fifteen feet away). I estimated it would take me day to complete my task, so of course, it took two.

As always, the demo part was easy (and fun). The block laying however was a bit less so. I had to install 20 8x8x16 blocks. Considering each one weighs roughly 35 pounds, I lifted 700 pounds yesterday – who needs to join a gym?!

Today I merely had to smear on the stucco. I’ll let it dry out for a few days before I paint it. Oh, and if anyone needs me for anything, I can be found at Back & Body Hurts!

Caddyshack Redux

For someone who’s never mowed a lawn before, my little house came with an awful lot of grassy ground. I had a vision of transforming my front yard into a butterfly garden which would not only cut down on my “mowable” real estate but would be good for pollinators.


So, when my local Lowe’s had plants on sale for half price yesterday I loaded up! Excitedly, I crammed 20 plants and associated bags of soil amendments into my ever capable car.

The fun began this morning…I had to dig up the top 6″ of grassy soil in order to remove all the roots, loosen the remaining soil to a depth of 15″, mix in fertilizer, and then insert new plant. Thankfully, the weather was perfect for a day of yard work (sunny but cool, we barely topped 60 today).

Sadly, I ran out of daylight before I could plant them all. The last of this batch will go in tomorrow.

Standing back and admiring my work I realized my yard actually looks like a minefield (once the grass clumps dry out I will remove them). Which brought to mind that classic 80s movie, Caddyshack.

My Christmas List

Well, it’s that time of year. I’ll be honest, there’s not much on my list. I’m fortunate to have the love and support of family and good friends, my health, and a cozy place to call home (bonus that it’s in a tropical locale).

Oh wait, I do have one wish, that all of you have a wonderful holiday season filled with love!

“All I want for Christmas is a real good tan
Take me to the Islands, put my feet in the sand
Rockin’ to and fro with the rhythm of the ocean
Singin’ Silent Night with the palm trees ablowin’Ooh, don’t you think it’s a pretty good plan?
All I want for Christmas is a real good tan”

And yes, I do have a pretty good tan. 😉