Just Beachy!

It was a lovely day at the beach – sunny, warm (for here anyway), and key factor, not windy! It was so nice a Mallard couple were dabbling in the surf (a first for me). The tidepools at Road’s End State Park kept me busy: tidepool closeup, Tidepool Sculpin, snails, Ochre Sea Stars, Chiton, Mussels and Gooseneck Barnacles, Giant Green Anemones, shore crab, and a nudibranch.

Well, Hail!

Today’s spring weather on the Central Oregon Coast brought hail! It turned the beach white and as it grew in size it drove the resident Harbor Seals into the water. The dark spots you see in my admittedly poor-quality video are their heads diving under to avoid the sting of the hard ice balls.