Cat Tree

Both my cats enjoy the outdoors (supervised, of course) but Wylie really revels in it. One of her favorite pastimes is tree climbing and there’s an old, sprawling mesquite tree which is perfect for adventuring. She carefully chooses her route, not based on ease but on her desire nay, her determination to go ‘that’ way. She is so intent on her destination that she uses paws and even teeth to remove small obstacles from her path. To an observer there seems to be no logic in her choice, there appear to be easier routes nearby but for reasons known only to her, those are not the direction she needs to go.

Watching her it dawned on me how much we have in common…

Thirsty Deer

A Mule Deer and her two young stopped by the ol’ watering hole in my front yard yesterday afternoon. My water dish is a popular place these days – our monsoon season has yet to bless us here on the west side of town. Or “nonsoon” as we’re calling our lack of summer rain. Hopefully we’ll see some moisture this week.

Babes share a sip:


Mom waters my saguaro:


Mom’s closeup:


Gopher Two-fer

Two for Tuesday! It was a Gopher Snake kind of day for me today. I was privileged to watch one drinking out of a pond at Agua Caliente Park on the east side of town this morning. My second one I spotted waiting hopefully outside a squirrel hole in my back yard on the west side of town this evening.

I will presume that Gopher Snakes are good luck (they do eat rattlesnakes after all).


Eating Twinkies with God

This video came across my Facebook feed a couple months back and I just can’t get it out of my head, so I thought I’d share it with you. Whether you are religious or not (whether you think of it as lowercase god – or as capital God) I think this message still resonates. Perhaps it is as simple as recognizing the divine in everyone…

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.39.25 PM



Our First Day of Spring

Since I’m recovering from my second wicked cold of the year (dagnabit) my time outside today was limited. The cats and I spent the afternoon in the yard. You can see that they lead a life of leisure!

Since the temperatures have been unseasonably warm here the plants and wildlife have been busily doing Spring things for many weeks. One of our neighborhood Harris’s Hawks kept a close eye out, looking for dinner like a rabbit or packrat. Thankfully, Bailey is too smart and Wylie is too darn heavy!

As the sun slipped away, a warm breeze wafted over us carrying the sweet, exotic scent of orange blossoms (my favorite scent in the world) while coyotes serenaded. A perfectly lovely way to end our first day of Spring.