Just Beachy

As the days lengthened and warmed, activity picked up at the beach. The tide pools are hopping and one low tide I witnessed a feeding frenzy at the mouth of Siletz Bay. Northern Anchovy appeared to be the main draw. Gulls, terns, Harbor Seals, and even a Bald Eagle got in on the action. I never know what I’m going to discover out there!

Spring Lake Outings

Nearby Spring Lake is a lovely little stroll. There is something interesting every time I visit. Here are some photos from the past few weeks: (L to R, Top to Bottom) Fairy Lanterns, Frondescing Fern, Goose Family (5 photos), Pacific Rhododendron bloom and bud, Song Sparrow with meal for baby, Bark Mushroom, Rain Ripples (2 photos).