The Future Begins…

I’m dating myself here but I just realized that the future is coming. And by that I mean, Back to the Future II. The date that Doc transports Marty and Jennifer to in the second part of the BTTF trilogy is October 21, 2015 (at 4:29pm to be precise). For you skeptics, check out the Countdown Clock:

And here’s a short clip to further confirm:

Those of us children of the 80s who have eagerly awaited our flying cars and hoverboards, the big question is where are they?

Since they don’t exist yet, I guess the next most important question is, who’s throwing the party?

Mark your calendars, because on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, the future begins!

Cat in Tree

Cruz is a two-year old male mountain lion, residing at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. When he was about four months old he was found in a backyard in southern California, scared and emaciated. After California Game & Fish rescued him they knew he wouldn’t be able to fend for himself in the wild (he hadn’t learned any of the needed skills) so they started looking for a permanent home. Thankfully, ASDM had space available and Cruz came to Tucson.

Cruz was very lively today, I wonder if it was the lovely weather or a case of spring fever that riled him up?