Herd a Bison – Metaphor for My Life

Discovered this oh-so-true-for-me quote in the recent Nature Conservancy magazine:

“You can herd a bison anywhere it wants to go.”

Stubborn is one descriptor often employed for me. I like to think of it as determination and perseverance. I know I was born this way, “I do it myself!” was one of my favorite childhood phrases. Over the years I think this trait has served me well (mostly).

Good for a Back Rub (Bison bison)

Bison, National Bison Range, Montana, August 2008


I admit it, I am a pluviophile! Growing up in the Sonoran Desert molded me into a lover of water but especially rain. I watch the clouds and track the drops. Rain makes me and the plants and the wildlife very happy indeed.

The lack of rain during one of our 2 rainy seasons makes me crabby. I’m getting a wee bit fed up with the folks on the east side of town with their puddle photos. I’m tired of hearing about their inches of rainfall. Grrr!

Apparently, there needs to be a word that describes a rainless pluviophile. Come on, monsoons!

Sunshower! At least it started raining...

Sunshower! At least it started raining…

Snakes Alive!

A little excitement here this evening, we found a Common Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula) in our yard. It was at least two feet long, glossy, and quite healthy looking. It quickly decided that it did not want to hang out with us and slithered under the fence. It feels good to have one living nearby since they are known to eat rattlesnakes.

Here’s a couple shots of the snake peeking out from its safe place. And the reactions from Bailey and Wylie. As you can see, old Bailey was not nearly as interested as young Wylie.


Jurassic World Vocals

Excellent article from Audubon showcasing the wide variety of bird sounds used to vocalize the dinosaurs in the smash summer hit Jurassic World. Very fitting since birds and dinosaurs are so closely related!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, do so. It was a fun romp, the special effects are amazing, and there is a moral aspect to it that should leave you with plenty to ponder.

And because I’m a Parrothead – keep your eyes peeled for the guy “rescuing” not one but two margaritas. It’s Jimmy Buffett’s cameo and a perfect role for him.

11941813723_f0804daf35_bHarris’s Hawk, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 12-27-2013

Play a Game, Feed the World

Apparently, I don’t get out much, I only learned about this brilliant online game, Freerice yesterday. When you play you not only work on your vocabulary skills you also help to donate food to the hungry through the World Food Programme.

The advertisers on the page buy 10 grains of rice every time you get a right answer.

You don’t have to sign up, you can just start playing, but if you do sign up you can track your scores through time. I think everyone should give it a try – not only is it for a good cause but it’s fun!

Fair warning, it is addicting! I popped over to just check it out. An hour (or so) later it was awfully hard to turn it off…

If you try it – and trust me, you should – let me know what level you reach. I’m trying to get past Level 46!

Screen shot 2015-06-14 at 5.33.08 PM

Poor Mr. W…

Nobody really likes Mr. W – and I count myself among that group. But after watching the video I realized, there is a place for Mr. W, a way to harness his energy.

Of course, it wasn’t until the very end that I realized it was a commercial for the wind division of a power company. I’m not the only one who found it to be an ingenuous, inventive, and entertaining bit of advertising. When it was released in 2007 it won a Cannes Gold Lion award and the following year a Creativity Award. This article features an interview with the design team who created the web film for Epuron.