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Still Sanding

Earlier in the week, when it was warm and sunny, my friend Amber and I scheduled a beach day. Today’s cool and cloudy weather changed our plans, instead of relaxing and soaking up some rays we opted for a nice long walk.

Our route took us by the intricate sand sculptures on Treasure Island that are still in amazing shape. Especially when you consider that they were carved for the Sanding Ovations festival back in the middle of November.

Which reminds me, some of you had questions about the art last time I wrote about it: The sand the artists used is regular beach sand, but not from my beach. The festival received permission from the state of Florida to haul in sand from further south (I’m not sure exactly where). And according to the website, the sculptures will remain up through the end of the year, if nature allows.

Parade of Lights

Last night I arrived just in time to watch nearby South Pasadena’s Holiday Lighted Boat Parade. My expectations were low since South Pasadena is such a small community but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of participants.

I counted at least 20 festively-decorated boats and there a lot of viewers along the route. I recognized a few of the entries from the St. Pete Beach boat parade last week. I imagine they will also join the one in downtown St. Pete tomorrow night. I mean, if you’ve gone to all that work to decorate your boat you might as well show it off.

Well, that and there are some nice financial incentives. This parade offered each boat $100 gas card, with first prize winning $1200. Some pretty good incentives to “deck the hulls”!

Someday, It’ll Be Worth It

Since I already had blisters, sore knees, and an aching back I figured I might as well tackle another yard project. Today I set up the pad for a long anticipated hot tub. A good soak in hot, bubbling water would certainly come in handy tonight!

And yes, those of you with a discerning eye will notice the slight slope, that was intentional to direct water away from my house.

A Gym Named Yard Work

This. This is how much I despise mowing…I would rather spend the afternoon digging. The planting area is now ready, though I still have a lot of grass to deal with.

After living in my house for a little over two years, I realized that the southwest corner of my backyard could be put to much better use. My dad used to say that if you’re going plant something and care for it, it should give back to you.

Using his logic and the physical restraints of my space, I finally decided to plant a couple guava trees. Of the several varieties available, I settled on the Strawberry Guava (Psidium littoralei). It is a smaller tree that not only produces a delicious fruit but is generally carefree.

It will be a couple years before my first harvest but I’m looking forward to it!