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Bathing Beauty

I had the great fortune to watch an Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) preen after it took a dip in the nearby creek. It took ages as this fish hawk carefully used its sharp beak to fluff and zip each feather.

It was so involved in the ritual that it didn’t seem to mind my close proximity. I was mesmerized by the bird’s actions, though with crisscrossed legs and awkward poses, I can’t say the process was anything close to graceful.


What Are You Looking At?!

After the Storm


Stormy Afternoon, Treasure Island, Florida April 2020

Lightning, thunder, wind, and sideways rain pummeled us earlier today. From my window, I watched palm trees bend, patio furniture flip over, and water flow down the road. It was loud, chaotic, and a bit worrisome for awhile.

After the tempest blew out to sea, a quiet calm prevailed. The sun reappeared and birds emerged from their sheltering places. It brought to mind the Persian adage, “This, too, shall pass.”

A saying which is also relevant in light of the global crisis we are living through right now. Though perhaps this updated version is more apropos? “This, too, shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.”


Relaxing View


Gulf of Mexico, Treasure Island, Florida March 2020

I don’t know about you but I’m happy to close the door on March. Here’s hoping that April is kinder to us all. Stay safe and healthy, my friends!

Note: While our beaches closed to the public ten days ago, they are allowing local residents access to the beach with one important caveat, we must stay on the wet sand. As a very nice officer explained to me, the ocean is not closed so anything that the water touches is fair game. Just as long as I observe social distancing rules.

Unexpectedly Chromatic


Peacock Body

I noticed a sign touting the significance of a spot across Boca Ciega Bay from me back in December but it wasn’t until this week that I finally explored it. While most people visit St. Petersburg’s Jungle Prada Park for the boat ramp, the small park is packed with history. It is purportedly the landing place of the Spanish Narváez expedition of 1528 and it protects the majority of a Tocobaga shell mound (the other section is owned by the Anderson family).

For my fellow history buffs: The Pánfilo de Narváez expedition left Spain in 1527 with the intent of establishing Spanish forts along the Florida Gulf Coast. To say it was ill-fated is an understatement. They lost two ships in a hurricane near Cuba and further storms forced them to land along Boca Ciega Bay.

Dispirited, Narváez declared the area most unsuitable for settlement (Ha, tell that to the 4.5 million people currently living here!) and pushed on, determined to cross the gulf over to Mexico. That attempt killed all but 80 (including Narváez), the remaining survivors were swept onto Galveston Island.

We know this because, amazingly, there were four men who made the trek on foot through Texas (and possibly into New Mexico and Arizona) before finally reaching Mexico City in 1537. The leader of that group, Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, later wrote about his experience as the first European to travel that part of North America. His account is exceptional in that he focused on the native peoples and their customs, a boon to anthropologists and archaeologists.

I had hoped to take a guided tour of the private portion of the mound, however it was understandably closed due to COVID-19 concerns. I did follow a handsome fellow around for awhile, though for the life of me, I can’t figure out what peacocks are doing there! I enjoyed the show though.


He’s Handsome and He Knows It!



Bright Spots

I stumbled across these treasures at two different parks this past week. The little decorated rock was stuck in the mud. A small splash of blue caught my eye, so I reached over and dug it out. After a quick wipe, I was pleasantly surprised by my find. I slid it in my pocket, and after a thorough cleaning, it now sits on my coffee table, offering a spot of cheer. I’ll return it to the wild someday so it can continue on its journey.

The second I discovered while getting lost in the woods. I had followed a bird call off trail and ended up in a fairly derelict corner of the park. As I waited for my elusive quarry to return (it didn’t), I spotted this graffiti. I don’t condone the hobby but I appreciate the craftsmanship, and in this case, the message.

Thank you to the artists and creatives who leave bits of magic in this world for us to find. These bright spots help in trying times…

Final Finale

Well, it finally happened (some say it was long overdue) the beaches here in my part of Florida will close tonight at midnight. I spent my last afternoon walking on the white sand and stayed for my last beach sunset (for the time being).

The closure will be nearly impossible for authorities to enforce but I don’t intend to be one of the rule breakers, no matter how much I’ll miss my beach. There are other outdoor places on my list to visit. And now, I will have plenty of time to explore them since restaurants are also closing (or switching to takeout only).

I am fortunate in that I have no debt, some savings, and I live simply – so I am not as anxious as others. And I will be spending more time in nature which has a way of soothing my worries. I hope we all stay healthy and safe during this challenging time!