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Cool Amenity!

A friend and I recently took a couple hours one evening to explore the new expansion of Robinson Preserve in Bradenton. Manatee County has certainly invested some time and effort into this restoration project!

In addition to the construction of ramadas, well-defined walking paths and scenic bridges, they’ve done a tremendous job reintroducing native plants to the landscape. Though young and small now, they will definitely benefit wildlife in the years to come.

What I found most impressive was the kayak setup. Not only are there several launch spots with rinse stations but the park also offers kayak storage (for a monthly fee).

What a great idea – no more loading your kayak on your vehicle and lugging it around. Instead, just pull it out of the safe, weather-protected space and plop it on the water. It’s definitely a popular feature, of the 50 slots I only counted 5 that were not in use.

Following Their Footsteps

Last week I shared some photos from my great grandparents’ visit to Sarasota from seventy years ago. While I was looking for those images I came across a couple that were snapped within three miles of where I currently live.

Had some fun over the weekend trying to find the locations and recreate those images. Luckily, there’s one small section of the seawall in Pass-a-grille Beach that still has those hexagonal pavers.

In hindsight I should have taken the images with me that day. Ah well, you get the general idea…

Family in Sarasota

Yesterday’s post about the Sarasota song reminded me of a couple old family photos. In 1951 my great-grandparents drove down from Ohio to visit cousins in Florida (just a year before the aforementioned song was recorded). Lucky for their descendants, they wrote little notes on the back of each picture.

From 1926 to 1954 the ferry was the quickest way to reach Sarasota. According to the Bee Line Ferry ads, the 40 minute boat ride “Saves 49 Miles!”. Considering a one-way ticket was only $1.50 for motorists ($17 in today’s dollars) it was not a bad deal.

I’m rather disappointed that the opening of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay put the ferry out of business, it’d be a lovely cruise.

I have inferred that my relative’s trip took place during the winter for two reasons. One, that’s a great time of year to get out of Ohio and two, the Ringling Circus wintered in Sarasota. The animals were kept near John Ringling’s mansion, which I had the good fortune to visit recently.

I’m grateful for these little snapshots of old Florida.

One Year Later

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since I moved into my little house. I purchased a fixer-upper so there has been plenty of work to do. While I’ve crossed quite a few things off my list, there are still a number of projects for me to tackle. So far, I think its coming along nicely…