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Different Perspectives

After hearing about this amazing location for the past couple years, I finally had a chance to check out John Chestnut Sr. Park up in Palm Harbor. I spent four enjoyable hours wandering the various trails and boardwalks.

Keep in mind, for every cooperative subject I managed to capture, there were at least two others that snuck away. It was a stellar way to spend the day.

So, imagine my surprise when I overheard a young woman talking on her phone, “Nah, there isn’t anything interesting to see here.” It certainly gave me a chuckle…

Sweet Reminder

Mural, St. Petersburg, FL February 2023

I parked near this mural while working downtown today. It stopped me in my tracks since it was one of the first things Linda said to me when we met.

I was sitting at Gators during happy hour one evening, watching the sun set. I could tell she was upset when she sat down near me. After she ordered her drink (Tito’s and soda, as I recall), I glanced over and said, “I don’t mean to pry but whatever is going on, I’m sure you can handle it.”

She smiled through her tears, we started talking about life, and by the time the night was over, we were friends. That was three years ago, almost to the day.

Often Linda would call me up and say, “Sunshine, let’s go have fun!” She passed away unexpectedly four months later but we certainly made a lot of good memories during that time. ❤

Good Times!

I’m so very grateful for the friends who made my birthday week such a blast! Lisa, my friend since college (not going to talk about how long ago that was), flew over from Portland for the week.

We squeezed in as much exploring as possible: sunsets, dolphins, manatees, kayaking to Shell Key (thank you for the loaner, Katie), Herrmann’s Royal Lipizzans, belly dancing, live music, lots (and lots) of sunscreen, raccoons, the obligatory alligator, and, of course, a fun birthday celebration with Alyssa.

Sadly, Lisa had to leave before the Gasparilla concert yesterday but my friend Loretta came over and played pirate with me. It was an epic birthday week and now I need a little recovery time (after all, I’m not as young as I used to be).