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Blown Away


Beach Debris, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica October 2019

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these in the wild (or anywhere, to be honest). I remember the days of carefully compiling my favorite songs onto a cassette tape. Not fondly, but I do remember them.

I don’t miss the rewinding. Or the flipping. Or the accidental unspooling which signaled the demise of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. Any old school audiophile will understand my pain, as the creation of a mixtape, is, to quote Rob from the movie High Fidelity, “a delicate thing.”

Though I’ll hand it to Maxell, they had one heckuva ad campaign!

No Longer Secret


Clouds Obscure Sunset, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica October 2019

In my time in Santa Teresa I’ve inadvertantly uncovered an important bit of hidden information. For those of you wondering about what they were hiding all this time, I’ll tell you: Secret’s secret? It doesn’t work in this climate. At all. My routine now includes a mid-afternoon shower to refresh me during the hottest part of the day.

Lastly, I selected this photo because of the contrast between the clouds, surf, and basaltic rocks, however I’ve now noticed a face in it. Anyone else see it?

Slow Learner?


Toy House on Beach, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica October 2019

Just about a month ago, I shared a little post where I mentioned my need to be more specific when I put a request out to the universe. Apparently, I am still wide of the mark. The ocean gifted me this toy house this week.

A house on the beach would fit me perfectly, even if it was a purple one. Though obviously, I need to include more parameters: like large enough for me to actually live in, for starters. But what a great view, yeah?

Potty Humor

Spotted on the bathroom doors at the Beer Hut in Port Aransas, Texas. Pretty creative!

Sadly, It’s Only Fiction


Any Pac-12 basketball fan will agree with that first sentence. Though Bill Walton has some serious chops as a basketball player (and I share his love for the Grateful Dead), his rambling tangents during the games he’s announcing for ESPN are enough to drive anyone mad. To the point that I prefer to listen to my University of Arizona Wildcats radio announcers while watching the game with the TV muted.

So color me intrigued when I ran across this review of James Kirkland’s new book, “The Bill Walton Mysteries, Friend of the Devil” in the Willamette Week. The book got a pretty darn good review so I’ve added it to my reading list. Sounds like a great book for a day at the beach!