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Slow Learner?


Toy House on Beach, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica October 2019

Just about a month ago, I shared a little post where I mentioned my need to be more specific when I put a request out to the universe. Apparently, I am still wide of the mark. The ocean gifted me this toy house this week.

A house on the beach would fit me perfectly, even if it was a purple one. Though obviously, I need to include more parameters: like large enough for me to actually live in, for starters. But what a great view, yeah?

Potty Humor

Spotted on the bathroom doors at the Beer Hut in Port Aransas, Texas. Pretty creative!

Sadly, It’s Only Fiction


Any Pac-12 basketball fan will agree with that first sentence. Though Bill Walton has some serious chops as a basketball player (and I share his love for the Grateful Dead), his rambling tangents during the games he’s announcing for ESPN are enough to drive anyone mad. To the point that I prefer to listen to my University of Arizona Wildcats radio announcers while watching the game with the TV muted.

So color me intrigued when I ran across this review of James Kirkland’s new book, “The Bill Walton Mysteries, Friend of the Devil” in the Willamette Week. The book got a pretty darn good review so I’ve added it to my reading list. Sounds like a great book for a day at the beach!