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Afternoon in Newport

The middle of the month I headed down to Newport to check out the visiting tall ships. Both the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington were in port for a short stay. As an admitted Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl fan I just had to tour the HMS Interceptor (Lady Washington’s screen name).

Biggest takeaway? Even though she is a full-scale replica of an actual brig with the same name (one that, incidentally, opened the black pearl trade with Asia), she’s small!

Other sights from the bay: the Never Again #9, sorting bins for Dungeness Crab, extra-long Sea Lion whiskers, rope flotsam, rocks at low tide, green waves.


End of an Era

Heart-wrenching day. Earlier, I said goodbye to my sweet, wise, and loving cat, Bailey. After 18 years together, his little body just gave out on him. He was such a character! Even though physically small, he ruled the household (keeping three successive cats in line). He behaved more like a dog; would fetch, play in water, alert me to dangers such as scorpions or snakes, loved to cuddle, and had an uncanny ability to sense my mood. Every night I was home he slept curled up by my right shoulder; kneading my hair, his purr a calming lullaby. I miss you, little dude…