First Time for Everything

For various reasons, the majority of the beaches along this stretch of the Gulf Coast do not allow dogs (not going to wade into this controversial issue right now). There are informational signs posted at beach entrances listing the prohibition but the signage fails to say anything about other pets.

This week I met a sweet rabbit named Daisy. Her owner claims she loves getting sand in her paws. She certainly seemed to enjoy all the attention. Reminded me of the time I saw someone’s pet duck out there. Spend enough time on the beach and you’re sure to some interesting things…

Categories: Observations


  1. Ron’s flop eared rabbit, JoJo loved going to the beach and playing in the surf. Strangest thing I ever saw

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    • That’s wild! I took my cats to the Pacific Ocean thinking they’d love all the sand and fishy smells but they HATED the roar of the surf. Perhaps I should’ve introduced them to calmer waters…


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