Slippery When Wet

When I arrived at Highlands Hammock State Park yesterday afternoon it was humid and 90 degrees. Not surprisingly, there weren’t a bunch of people out and about. It was muggy but I was excited to explore one of Florida’s oldest state parks.

There were about a dozen short trails to choose from so I decided to hike them all. Though, coming from the rugged terrain out west, I don’t really consider this flatland stuff to be hiking. As I strolled along I kept noticing pops of color in shades of red.

The biggest issue of the day was water. Some of the trails were flooded but it wasn’t deep or flowing, so I happily splashed along. By the time I was halfway through, I was glistening (women don’t perspire, right?). I was grateful for the cloud cover until it started to rain. Not just a gentle, soft drizzle but an actual downpour.

Thank goodness I brought my rain jacket! Darn shame I left it in my car, in the parking lot at the other end of the park. On the upside, I did have the entire place to myself for the rest of the afternoon. The downside? I was soaking wet and chilly (the storm had dropped the temperature into the 70s), and there was water in the lens of my camera (here’s hoping it dries out soon).

Regardless, I had a lovely time wandering through this special, protected area.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! Next time I come to visit can we go there? Well at least the rain washed off your “glisten”! Hope you didn’t get to cold. God Bless, Love You

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  2. I’d love to hear more about the museum and what people were working on.
    Interestingly, our First Lady Congresswoman in AZ, Isabella Greenway, was a close friend to Eleanor Roosevelt. They had roomed together through college. Also, her second husband, John Greenway, was a mining engineer and former Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt.
    So, when the CCC was developed, she delivered for AZ and saw to it that our state had more camps and more people in the WPA and CCC than any other state! So many sidewalks and USFS picnic tables, restrooms, and even roads were built! There were big camps in Saguaro East, Madera Canyon, and possibly even Sabino Creek as well as the Grand Canyon and many other sites. 9,000 Arizonans got jobs directly because of her and Arizona got more of this ‘bacon’ per capita than any other state!

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    • The museum wasn’t open that day but I do hope to check it out next time. I did learn that most of the trails were hacked out of the swamp by the CCC.

      Funny that you should mention Isabella Greenway. I greatly admire her! I worked at The Arizona Inn and, of course, read all about her (still have a couple books around here somewhere). And I remain in awe of Theodore Roosevelt (we could certainly use another leader of similar ilk).

      Thank goodness for the far-sighted, community-minded citizens of our past who worked tirelessly for the greater good!


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