It’s been just under a year since my sister brought me Blue Passionflower (Passiflora Caerulea) cuttings from her yard in Tucson. I was worried about them acclimating at first but they seem to like it here.

This past Spring I was delighted that my vines served as host plants for Gulf Fritillary caterpillars. This week they started to bloom and I just love how showy they are. I’m not the only one, the bees and butterflies seemed to enjoy them, too!

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  1. So lovely and helps the critters that love it too. I’m going to see if Desiree will give us some of those beautiful plants too. God Bless, Love you

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    • I’m sure she’d be happy to give you some cuttings. I’m sure the vines would thrive in your greenhouse! Not sure how it would do outside (not known to be frost tolerant) but I do have a friend in Oregon that has some going in her yard – so who knows?!


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