After another restless night, I awoke this morning to some amazing news concerning my county: my friends who stayed in the area are all okay, initial assessments in St. Petersburg found minimal damage (trees and power lines down but no flooding from rain or storm surge), and my wonderful neighbors reached out this morning to let me know my little house survived unscathed.

Though the mandatory evacuation order was lifted at 9am, the county has asked people to stay off the roads while crews attend to repairs. I will remain in Ohio through the weekend.

As relieved as I am, I am keenly aware that the devastation suffered by the communities a few hours to the south could have been mine. I am researching the best ways I can assist in the recovery efforts.

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  1. Glad to hear.  Be safe going back and fill up on gas.

    Lori &

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  2. I am glad tou fared well. I have witnessed how much Love you have put into that place. ❤

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  3. God Bless you Dear Erin for getting ready to help your fellow Floridians!

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