Thoughts on Leaving

As a fairly stubborn person who isn’t afraid of hard work, I’ve tackled some challenges over the years. However, when it comes to Mother Nature, I willingly cede the field. She has my utmost respect so I generally do what I can to stay out of harm’s way.

Wendy’s kiosk in Florida (not intended to be about the weather)

Mercifully with Hurricane Ian, there was advance notice and time to prepare (unlike some other types of natural disasters – earthquakes, I’m looking at you). Driving away from my cozy little home, not knowing what shape it would be in upon my return, was emotional but there was little time to dwell on it.

Heading north through Florida I was impressed by the storm preparations; convoys of lineman, emergency response trailers, and semis loaded with generators, portable toilets, and other critical supplies were heading south while the state had already lowered the interstate lights.

I was halfway through Georgia by the time the mandatory evacuation notice was issued for my county. I drove as far north as I could manage before stopping for the night near Charlotte, North Carolina. The parking lot at the hotel was filled with familiar license plates.

I arrived without incident at my cousin’s house in Ohio yesterday afternoon, thankful for a safe place to stay. I’m worn out and incredibly worried about the intensity and path of Ian. I know there will be a lot of work ahead, until then I’m hoping for the best.

On a lighter note, I thought I’d share something from a Florida Facebook group that I belong to. In the face of uncertainty, sometimes humor helps…

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  1. Thoughts:
    Sorry to hear that your house is close to the shore and at risk.
    Glad to hear that you are out of the danger zone.
    Relieved to hear that the main path of the storm was south of your house (I think).
    Loved seeing the new Hurricane Cats!
    Carol Brown

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    • I knew the risks when I bought my house. Every place has downsides. I am beyond fortunate that Ian turned inland that far south of me, though I am heartbroken by the devastating impact it had on those communities. I’m looking for the best ways that I can help…
      And yes, sometimes a little humor goes a long ways! ❤


      • Nice! How is Tampa Bay Area faring? I know it’s less than the rest of the state, but what’s happening there? When will you be able to return?
        Also, can you tell me what your work is in FL? I suspect that you are doing environmental stuff… and likely educational??

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      • Everyone I know in the Tampa Bay area suffered very little damage though some are still without power because of downed trees and power lines. Thankfully the temperatures have dropped from the mid 90s into the high 70s/low 80s – makes being without electricity much more tolerable.


  2. So sorry you are going thru this. I have been worrying about you, your home and community. After experiencing Harvey hitting our neighborhood I can barely stand to listen and watch the coverage. 5 yrs later and the buried PTSD raises its ugly head. Praying you remain safe. You remodeled your beautiful home once and if needed know you can make it amazing again. We were without water for 21 days and power for 25 days. I heard that the utility infrastructure (underground power lines) in some of areas of Florida will allow the power to be returned in 3-4 days I hope this includes your community. Keeping you in our prayers.

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    • I still cannot fathom all that you went through! Even though I moved there over a year after Harvey I was so incredibly impressed by the community’s resilience. My area was very fortunate this time, though the communities a few hours south of me have been devastated. I’m looking for the best ways I can assist in the recovery efforts, I know it will be a long haul. Thank you for your concern and positive energy! ❤


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