Bright Spots

I stumbled across these treasures at two different parks this past week. The little decorated rock was stuck in the mud. A small splash of blue caught my eye, so I reached over and dug it out. After a quick wipe, I was pleasantly surprised by my find. I slid it in my pocket, and after a thorough cleaning, it now sits on my coffee table, offering a spot of cheer. I’ll return it to the wild someday so it can continue on its journey.

The second I discovered while getting lost in the woods. I had followed a bird call off trail and ended up in a fairly derelict corner of the park. As I waited for my elusive quarry to return (it didn’t), I spotted this graffiti. I don’t condone the hobby but I appreciate the craftsmanship, and in this case, the message.

Thank you to the artists and creatives who leave bits of magic in this world for us to find. These bright spots help in trying times…

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