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Advisory Sign, Tucson, Arizona December 2019

There are many things to love about my old hometown; the mild winter weather, abundant sunshine, accessible natural areas, prolific wildlife, laid back atmosphere, nice people, and delicious food. And every once in awhile, there’s a little something, like this sign, that makes me smile.

I had to flip two u-turns to take this photo but I couldn’t pass it up. So many questions come to mind: How many man hours did it take to nail down that exact measurement? Does anyone really think any driver has the spatial capability to discern those extra three feet? If the sign was off by the three feet would people just randomly drive into the desert instead of deducing that they should use the upcoming turn lane? And lastly, why not just move the sign the three feet?!

I am convinced that no other signs are that precisely situated, which leads me to think that they should all just say 300-ish feet. That would certainly simplify the sign making and placement process!


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