Cumbia, Costa Rica

I spent my last Costa Rican day in Alajuela, a small town now engulfed by the capital city of San Jose. After settling into my hotel, I set out to enjoy the warm afternoon by wandering the neighborhood. The sound of live music enticed me over to the nearby park and I was pleasantly surprised by the scene.

A large band, replete with a beautiful marimba, had gathered a large Tico crowd. I was mesmerized by the rhythmic swaying of the many dancers. Though I stuck out like a sore thumb (I was the only guera* in attendance and by far the tallest woman – well, to be honest, I was one of the tallest, period) everyone was very welcoming. I was even encouraged onto the dance floor a couple times.

With my uniquely imperfect blend of Spanish/English I learned that the band plays every Sunday afternoon in the park during the dry season. What a lovely way to wrap up my stay. Thanks, Costa Rica, for all your amazing hospitality!

*Guera: White girl or blonde girl.



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