Looking for the Sunshine

“All of my life, has been the same,

I found a pot of gold, just a rusty chain,

I dealt a winning hand in a losing game,

Oh, I’m looking for the sunshine, living on rain.”

I certainly feel like this sometimes, though overall I can’t complain. Catchy song by the Kingston Trio, be sure to give it a listen (and I don’t just love it because they mention my long-time home, Tucson).


Tucson Evening, Tucson, Arizona 2017


Categories: Earworm


  1. It’s about my favorite song of all time and has been ever since I saw them sing it at Davis Symphony Hall in San Francisco about 1983 on their 25th Anniversary Tour. Even before I moved to Tucson in ’94….


    • They are so much fun in concert! I saw them in Tucson about 7 years ago, I was the youngest person in attendance but I still knew all the words to their original hits! 🙂


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