The Middle of the End

As I mentioned previously, my last month of summer was adventure-filled. The middle part was spent revisiting a place I had worked 20 years ago, Glacier National Park. I was accompanied on this trip by my BFF, Lisa, who I met while working at the aforementioned park all those years ago.

Though many things could go wrong on a nine day road trip (bad weather, car trouble, stress-fueled fights between friends, eaten by bears, etc) it was epic! Honestly, (the weather was sunny and in the mid 70s, my little Prius zipped along, Lisa and I handled each others idiosyncrasies, and none of the bears we saw were the least bit interested in chewing on us) it was epic.

Add in all the other wonderful experiences: catching Petty Fever at the free Pig Out in the Park festival in Spokane, two stops at Moose’s Saloon (for pizza and a pitcher of Moose Drool, natch), watching grizzly cubs romp around their huckleberry-munching mom, seeing a moose pee in the lake from our kayak, fantastic scenery, smoke-enhanced sunsets, and the cool people we met along the way – yeah, it was epic!

Tom and Deb, the retired couple that hiked with us one day really stand out in my memory. When Lisa and I mentioned that we worked in Glacier 20 years ago, Tom replied with, “What, they didn’t have child labor laws back then?” Charmer!

All in all, an epic adventure.



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