04-06 Sol Shine

Dog Cat lives are too short. Their only fault, really.

~ Agnes Sligh Turnbull


Bailey, 12-2017

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  1. Sadly, too true. You and Bailey had a long run, a testament to your devotion and commitment to that light you recognized in each other…the human/animal bond is a beautiful mystery not everyone is lucky enough to experience–human or animal. You and Bailey had it, hence, so hard to watch the light go out. My belief is that he’ll be around–in so many ways–until he knows you’re okay. That Bailey, he’s been part of our lives, his antics, his personality, his housemates and their adventures…on the road…always knew, whatever happened, his Mom would be there for him. He was such a lucky cat, we were all lucky to know Bailey. I knew the day would dawn without the living essence of Bailey in it. And I’ve dreaded it for you. I’m feeling such sadness for you, and such relief for Bailey, you’ve seen it for yourself in humans, you get to the point that no matter how much you love your family, you just have to move on.

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  2. Pretty darn sure he gave me more than I gave him… 😦


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