End of an Era

Heart-wrenching day. Earlier, I said goodbye to my sweet, wise, and loving cat, Bailey. After 18 years together, his little body just gave out on him. He was such a character! Even though physically small, he ruled the household (keeping three successive cats in line). He behaved more like a dog; would fetch, play in water, alert me to dangers such as scorpions or snakes, loved to cuddle, and had an uncanny ability to sense my mood. Every night I was home he slept curled up by my right shoulder; kneading my hair, his purr a calming lullaby. I miss you, little dude…



Categories: Observations


  1. So sad to hear. Our thoughts are with you. Isis and Amon send hugs too.

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  2. Just saw this Erin, and it breaks my heart. I have dreaded this day. He’s fine, you’re not. My heart is aching for you. …wonderful journey home Bailey. He’ll be there with all the others to greet you some day way, way in the future. He was such a good boy, such a loved and well traveled cat. He had more experiences than…most people, you were both very, very, blessed.

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  3. so sorry to see this Erin. i know it is so hard to lose any pet much less one like Bailey.

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