So Cal Scenes

A collage of sights from my Christmas trip to the San Diego area. Featuring (l to r): sea lion, harbor seals on beach, sea lion pile, sunset, metal detecting, dog sporting shades, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, rowing, brown pelican close-up, gull close-up, decorated tree at the beach, an injured harbor seal, harbor seal poop, harbor seal yoga (3), sand loving harbor seal, harbor seal yawn, tide pool waterfall, sea lion close-ups (2).

Categories: Observations


  1. All the pictures look interesting, darling sea lion pups, seal lion poop looks crappy but obviously the sea lion feels better, hope the injured sea lion injury was only superficial. California is such an interesting place to vacation, but glad to live in Arizona.


  2. Yes, I love spending time there but it was lovely to get home. Plus, California is so expensive!


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