Not Exactly Reindeer

Six of these beauties wandered through my yard today. IMG_9134IMG_9169IMG_9188Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus)

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  1. Oh my gosh, too damn cool! They don’t look like they’re starving do they!

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  2. It’s a compliment to you, to have so many animals and birds visiting your yard. They feel safe, welcome, and the food is good! Great pictures Erin, they look real well fed, welcome to the neighborhood…Rudolph must be a cousin or something.

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  3. I was impressed by how healthy they looked! We had a good amount of rain this year so I’m sure that has helped. I think they are wandering in the neighborhood because bow and arrow season opened recently. The mulies are safer in neighborhoods where hunting is illegal than in the open space areas nearby. They must be pretty darn smart, too!


  4. Gorgeous deer! The dappling on their coats show that they are very healthy! Good pictures Kid. Bet you were thrilled to see those beauties, and the buck was simply the stuff of dreams. Hope they escape the hunters.


  5. Very healthy – almost on the chunky side. And yes, I do hope they make it through the season!


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