Project Supervisor

Wylie is clearly destined for management: she never lifts a paw, doesn’t work one minute past quitting time, takes numerous breaks throughout the day, provides all kinds of helpful feedback, and she ignores all safety warnings.

Lucky me!

IMG_3877 IMG_3890 IMG_3892

Categories: Observations


  1. It clearly says do not stand at or above this level. Does Wylie care? Nope!


  2. And for this she gets top dollar? But how much is comic relief worth? Not to mention if the work is done wrong, or over budget, or behind schedule SHE won’t get blamed. Pretty smart!!


  3. She gets paid richly in cat treats and catnip but I suppose she makes up for it in cuddles and purrs.

    My projects are often over budget and behind schedule. From now on I’m going to double my time estimate and triple the budget!


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