Like Highwayman Art

I stopped by Circle B Bar Reserve out in Lakeland this weekend. I arrived at the central Florida location a bit late in the day and the throng of early visitors had already cleared out, so I pretty much had the place to myself.

It was just me and the plentiful wildlife at the 1,200+ acre nature preserve (I’ll share more about some of them later this week) but first, the scenery. Tall, puffy clouds floated above Live Oaks laden with Spanish Moss while shades of greens were layered from the aquatic plants below to the towering Bald Cypresses above.

The views reminded me of the Florida landscapes painted by the talented, self-taught Highwaymen. They captured an idealized view of the natural beauty of the state, which sadly, is rapidly disappearing (much like the Highwaymen themselves). I’m so glad that areas like Circle B have been protected!

Categories: Observations

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