North End of Shell Key

Last night when I learned that there was a group kayaking out to Shell Key today, I tossed all my plans out the window and decided to join them. Forget yard work and household chores, those will just have to wait!

The weather is absolutely perfect for adventures right now; warm but not too humid, and slightly cloudy. I know that soon it will be hot, muggy, and buggy so I’m trying to make the most of Spring.

The trip turned out even better because Christine led us through mangrove tunnels to the north end of Shell Key, which I’d never explored before. The bay was so incredibly colorful, words and photos both fail to do it justice (though, of course, I still tried to capture some images).

The water was also exceptionally clear, I was delighted to spot my first Lettuce Sea Slug (Elysia crispata)! Sadly, even though it was Manatee Appreciation Day we didn’t see any. However, one of the dolphins put on a bit of a show.

Categories: Observations

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