Sweet Reminder

Mural, St. Petersburg, FL February 2023

I parked near this mural while working downtown today. It stopped me in my tracks since it was one of the first things Linda said to me when we met.

I was sitting at Gators during happy hour one evening, watching the sun set. I could tell she was upset when she sat down near me. After she ordered her drink (Tito’s and soda, as I recall), I glanced over and said, “I don’t mean to pry but whatever is going on, I’m sure you can handle it.”

She smiled through her tears, we started talking about life, and by the time the night was over, we were friends. That was three years ago, almost to the day.

Often Linda would call me up and say, “Sunshine, let’s go have fun!” She passed away unexpectedly four months later but we certainly made a lot of good memories during that time. ❤

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  1. I’m so sorry you had your friend Linda for such a short time, but I’m glad you had her even if for a short time. There are no coincidences. The mural, the sentiment, the anniversary…Linda was there in the midst of all of it. That’s what I believe.

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  2. Dearest Kid, This was a touching story. It is so wonderful to have good friends like Linda, it’s sad she passed away so young. But wasn’t it wonderful to have her friendship. I’m glad you reached out to her or you wouldn’t have gotten to know her. Bet you made a really big and warm difference in what was left of her life! I’m so proud of the loving thoughtful daughter that you are. God Bless you for all the heart you extend to people who need that extra care. Love and Blessings, Lynne

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  3. Erin I’ve probably told you many times that the first name I wanted for you was “Sunshine and called you Sunny”. Linda knew!


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