Gardener’s Delight

A few weeks ago I started a little kitchen garden in my backyard. In west central Florida, our mostly sunny days and mild temperatures are perfect for growing lettuce and herbs this time of year.

I’m delighted with the progress of the seeds I planted, my lettuce, dill, and carrots are coming along nicely. While the basil that I transplanted seems to be thriving.

Today, I had a happy surprise when I turned over some soil (in order to add some cilantro and catnip seeds. One for me, the other for my neighborhood boys, I’ll let you decide which is which). For the first time in two years of digging, I uncovered an earthworm in my yard!

I was so excited that I dashed for my phone so that I could take a photo. Either my wriggler didn’t share my enthusiasm or I’m terrible at reading worm body language. Regardless, I shall now add vermiculturalist to my resume!

Categories: Observations


  1. Wow, fresh basil, cilantro, and veggies!  How nice!!!



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