Down in Key West

Last week I drove down to Key West for the 30th annual Meeting of the Minds (MOTM), a four day trop rock music festival hosted by the Parrotheads in Paradise. Yes, I’m a proud Jimmy Buffet fan (though I have yet to see him in concert).

In case you don’t know, trop rock is a broad genre that encompasses reggae, country, Caribbean, and folk – all of it held together by the laidback island lifestyle that Jimmy’s music exudes. The full lineup is way too long for me to list but some of the highlights were Sister Hazel, Gramps Morgan, Aaron Scherz, The Wheeland Brothers, Mishka, Mac McNally (10 time CMA Musician of the Year), and the one that absolutely blew me away this year was Niko Moon (see video below).

I joined my first Parrothead club when I moved to Texas in 2018. Since I didn’t know a single soul in the state I figured it would be a way to meet fellow live music fans. I was not disappointed! Besides the awesome music, part of the draw of MOTM for me is the chance to reunite with friends from low places (other, I mean, other places).

Of course, my visit wasn’t just about music, I had to explore as well. By day, I wandered the island taking photos and searching (in vain) for a crocodile. When anyone asked where I was, my roommate’s reply was, “She’s off doing Erin things.” Sums it up! Later in the day when it was time to meet up, I knew where I’d find them – at the bar.

Oh, one last thing about Parrothead concerts and music festivals, they’re all fundraisers supporting charities in their various cities. What’s not to love about that?!

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