Seaside Decor

File this one under things I didn’t know I needed. Last week at a thrift store, the shell-filled handle of the plunger on the left caught my eye. I picked it up just to laugh at it, then I saw the price tag (under a dollar) and I knew I had to bring it home.

I mean, it’s quite fitting for my little house by the beach. I’m a big fan of functional art and as far as I know, it’s one of a kind. Of course, the more I think about this the more questions I have.

Who came up with this concept? Someone was just sitting on the toilet one day and thought, “You know what this world needs? Decorative plungers!” Is this product sold as-is or can you choose what to put in the handle? (Clearly, I have way too much time on my hands.)

You can see it for yourself when you come visit…if you’re lucky, I might even let you use it!

Categories: Observations


  1. This is the coolest item ever! Simply love it! Why don’t you use it for a door stopper instead of a plunger? Just love all those little shells inside the tube. You always find the neatest stuff!!!!! Hey have a good time back in the Buckeye State. Please drive safely and enjoy the time with the family, know they’re going to have a blast with you there. God Bless and Keep You Safe. Love you to Mars and back

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