25th Annual

Took advantage of the relative calm before the storm this past Saturday and wandered out to the Treasure Island Kite Festival. When my friend Katie and I arrived at noon the wind was fickle at best, not ideal conditions for flying.

Thankfully, the wind picked up as the afternoon wore on. The bright sunshine highlighted the colorful banners and kites in the sky. While there were hundreds of kites aloft, hands down my favorite was the massive blue whale.

A fun way to spend a winter’s afternoon, especially since a cold storm blew in that night and dropped our temperatures about twenty degrees!

Categories: Observations


  1. See what happens when someone tells a kid to “go fly a kite” ? Wondering how many of these kites were hand-made. Hand-made or store bought, they are beautiful and there’s something to be said for the people flying them. I’d hate to be the guy that loses control of my kite and ends up getting tangled with a bunch of others.

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    • They are very pretty and some of them do cool tricks and maneuvers. The few times I flew a kite as a kid I remember getting bored with them. Probably not a surprise considering my personality…


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