Family in Sarasota

Yesterday’s post about the Sarasota song reminded me of a couple old family photos. In 1951 my great-grandparents drove down from Ohio to visit cousins in Florida (just a year before the aforementioned song was recorded). Lucky for their descendants, they wrote little notes on the back of each picture.

From 1926 to 1954 the ferry was the quickest way to reach Sarasota. According to the Bee Line Ferry ads, the 40 minute boat ride “Saves 49 Miles!”. Considering a one-way ticket was only $1.50 for motorists ($17 in today’s dollars) it was not a bad deal.

I’m rather disappointed that the opening of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge over Tampa Bay put the ferry out of business, it’d be a lovely cruise.

I have inferred that my relative’s trip took place during the winter for two reasons. One, that’s a great time of year to get out of Ohio and two, the Ringling Circus wintered in Sarasota. The animals were kept near John Ringling’s mansion, which I had the good fortune to visit recently.

I’m grateful for these little snapshots of old Florida.

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