Sea Glass

Glass Orb, Treasure Island, Florida June 2021

Spotted this while on my evening beach walk recently. The entire contraption was about four feet tall – definitely not your average beach accessory!

There was a young couple nearby but they were absorbed in each other so I didn’t dare interrupt. But I was certainly left in a state of wonderment.

Never a dull moment on my favorite beach. If anyone knows what it is, I’d love to learn more about it!

Categories: Observations


  1. Maybe a photo ball

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  2. wow…what is that thing? Looks majestic, or something…

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  3. I don’t know what it is but is from outer space and it’s probably collecting data and now has yours🤪

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  4. How amazing that it survived the ocean waves or did someone just put it there to elicit a response? Hope you kept it?

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