Cute Crustacean

Recently spent a relaxing day at my favorite spot in nearby Fort De Soto Park. As on my previous visits, I encountered something new and interesting to learn about.

This time the critter introduced itself by scuttling over my toes while I was wading in the bay. While the Longnose Spider Crab (Libinia dubia) may not win any beauty contests, it is perfectly camouflaged for the silty seagrass beds it lives in.

According to my bit of research, they are known to attach pieces of vegetation to further enhance their disguise. Pretty crafty little crabs!

The wildest tidbit about this species is that they have been found happily residing inside Cannonball Jellies. The hows and whys are still not fully understood but it would be a safe place to grow up and the food is free. Not sure how the Cannonball benefits, other than maybe bragging rights, “Hey, guys, look at me. I’ve got a crab in my head!”

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  1. Very interesting.

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