‘Tis the Season for…Repurposing

Since the bedroom window in my new house is larger than the one in my old rental, I recently found myself in need of a headboard. Turns out those darn things can be kind of expensive so I put the purchase off for a bit.

Driving home the other evening I saw these closet shutters out by the curb. Figuring I could find a good use for them (and hating to see things thrown away), I turned around and shoved them in the back of my car. Thankfully, my Prius is rather like the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts – it accommodates most every need of mine.

After a few quick measurements I realized the shutters would work as a headboard. I made my plan that night and put it into action the following day. I might decide to paint them later but for now I’m quite pleased with the result. Cost of materials: $0. Sense of accomplishment: Priceless.

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  1. Looks great!

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  2. Great idea and your headboard really looks nice. You continue to amaze me. Day after tomorrow, you’re going to work girl! Great how much you’ve gotten done on your new house and how nice it will be to return home to a cozy home. Your cup runneth over! Love you! Polly

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    • It is definitely a relief to have finished so many things here on the house before starting a new job. Tackling two big new things at once would’ve been a bit of a challenge! 🙂


  3. What a great idea, and they look so nice! I noticed they look really cool with your curtains and shades behind them. Really wish you could go on HGTV and teach people how to repurpose other peoples’ stuff that they replace with new stuff. “one mans trash is another mans treasurer” no truer words were ever spoken. Plus just like used clothes I like other peoples castoffs. If we lived in a city I would do just what you do and it would be so fun. FANTASTIC GIRL! Love You PS Was it hard to cut and assemble the shutters?

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    • Thanks for the encouragement! The shutters were super easy to cut. Really the whole project (including cleaning) took about an hour. Probably one of the easiest projects I’ve tackled around here!


  4. Love it!!!! Keep up the great work girl!!!!

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