Caddyshack Redux

For someone who’s never mowed a lawn before, my little house came with an awful lot of grassy ground. I had a vision of transforming my front yard into a butterfly garden which would not only cut down on my “mowable” real estate but would be good for pollinators.


So, when my local Lowe’s had plants on sale for half price yesterday I loaded up! Excitedly, I crammed 20 plants and associated bags of soil amendments into my ever capable car.

The fun began this morning…I had to dig up the top 6″ of grassy soil in order to remove all the roots, loosen the remaining soil to a depth of 15″, mix in fertilizer, and then insert new plant. Thankfully, the weather was perfect for a day of yard work (sunny but cool, we barely topped 60 today).

Sadly, I ran out of daylight before I could plant them all. The last of this batch will go in tomorrow.

Standing back and admiring my work I realized my yard actually looks like a minefield (once the grass clumps dry out I will remove them). Which brought to mind that classic 80s movie, Caddyshack.

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