One Room at a Time

I learned, when renovating my previous two fixer-uppers, every project will take twice as long and cost at least twice as much as I thought. Unfortunately, I kind of forgot that and I was overly optimistic when I tackled the Florida room last week.

In my defense, I was thinking the room was relatively small and uncomplicated. Ha! It could’ve been but I decided the six foot opening from the dining room into the Florida room was too awkward. It left my dining room table floating in the opening, so I decided to enclose half of it.

I have some carpentry skills but lack all the cool tools so it was a largely creative process (don’t look too closely at my lines). Thankfully, joint compound and paint can cover a multitude of sins!

I am pleased with the outcome, it is now a bright and cheery room. I have some artwork and a dart board to hang and it will be done. Well, not entirely, the six windows that make up the majority of the exterior walls are all single-pane, aluminum which I need to replace but my budget doesn’t allow it at the moment.

Next up, the guest bedroom, which will require opening up part of a wall to regain the closet. Seems simple and straightforward, right? Wish me luck!

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  1. Erin your house looks really comfortable and bright and cheery. Your wall looks like you did a good job even if you’re to hard on yourself. All in all I think you will make your new project just as homey and bright as you did the other two renos. Those blinds in the Florida room will be a big help until you can get the kind of windows you want. I think you made a really good deal just like you did with the other two. George and I are really proud of you and your moxie! Love seeing the pictures of what you’re doing and compare them to the before ones you sent a few days ago. I like the floors too, they look in perfect shape and that’ll save you alot of money. How does it feel to be settled down in your own place? I know it’s alot of work but you can make it your own and do the thinks you like. eally appreciate the pictures! God Bless, Love You

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    • Thank you! I figure a small house by the beach should be as light and bright and comfy as possible. Amazing what 13 gallons of paint can do!

      Even though it’s a bunch of work I am enjoying it. And, yes, it is nice to have my own place again. Hopefully, it will work out well for me. Who knows what the future may hold?


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