Tuesday afternoon, I chased the last light of day around J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island. It was a wonderful “golden hour” as there were plenty of animals out and about. Most (like the invasive Green Iguana, the native Marsh Rabbit, and the colorful Roseate Spoonbill) were seeking out their last bites before heading to bed. While the Yellow-crowned Night Heron was out early, presumably hungry after a day of fasting.

The most charismatic diner of the evening was this massive alligator. A fellow photographer and I estimated it was close to ten feet long. Thankfully, it was so engrossed in its crab dinner that it ignored our presence (though I did not turn my back on it, I know how wicked fast they can be).

Chomp, chomp! That’s one happy gator!

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Wow! Cool Iguana, rabbit and the spoonbill looked like it had two bills, or am I just seeing things? Now that gator really was huge, the width of it’s mouth was amazing, glad you’re careful around those killers! What did you have for dinner after your photos? Hope you didn’t try to share the gators’ crab dinner!! Thanks for sharing, you have such an interesting life Kid. God Bless, Love You

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    • Not seeing things, the Spoonbill was yawning. They do have very unusually shaped bills (hence the name). My dinner was nowhere near as yummy as the gator’s! As I like to say, it isn’t boring!


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