Trail Treats

While walking the back loop at Sawgrass Lake Park a couple weeks ago something bright and shiny caught my eye. I’m not sure why these toys were placed along the path but it was fun finding them. Kind of like an Easter egg hunt.

If those toys remained overnight, I imagine the resident raccoons would have had a field day with them! Now that I think about it, that’s a video I’d love to see…

Categories: Observations


  1. How fun!!! What a find and so many of them. Wonder if there was a video of you finding these figures placed by the same person that placed the figures? I can just image the delight you had as you found each figure! Wish I’d been with you. What do you think the raccoons wold have done with them? I know what a raven would have done. Do you have pack rats in Florida? I laid a pair of sunglasses down near the barn and when I went back to get them a few hours later they were gone and that was several years ago. Have you played with all of our toys? Or did you give them to your friends 7 year old?
    Miss you and love you Girl!!!!!!

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    • It was a fun and unexpected adventure. I didn’t collect them, I left them in place for someone else to discover. Yes, there are plenty of small rodents around that I imagine would find them interesting. I just know that raccoons are partial to shiny things. Sorry to hear about your sunglasses – oh, I’d be sooo mad!


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