Pollinator Party

Spent part of a hot and humid day roaming the trails at Lake Chautauqua Park last week. No surprise, very few creatures were stirring; I only saw two other humans and no wildlife.

Unless you count pollinators; the bees, ants, and flies were very busy! Considering it is the height of summer they had a nice variety of flowers to choose from. As proof of their hard work, there were also lots of berries.

The least showy of the blooms was easily the most fragrant. It took me a moment of searching to find the source for the pleasant floral scent that hung over the trail. I ended up following the buzz of bees to an unimposing bush in the back of a thicket (and I am sad to admit, I still do not know the name of the shrub).


Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Howdy Erin, These are gorgeous pictures!!! Since it was a party was there music (besides buzzing insects), any food or drink? Just being out in Gods’ beautiful universe was reward enough I bet. Do you have to look all the flower names up or are they already in your memory? Sure would love to go with you and have a guided tour!

    Love, Lynne

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    • Thanks! Some of the names I know but most I have to look up. Nature makes me spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer, trying to learn more about it! 🙂


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