Unique Hunting Technique

This video was posted a couple weeks ago by one of the local water tour companies. Here’s how they described it: “Fish kicking is one of the most common hunting techniques used by dolphins in the Tampa / St Pete, Florida area. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s almost always easier to catch a meal by stunning or injuring a fish with a precisely timed flick of the tail than it is to just chase one down… like a cave dolphin 🙂 Not all dolphins learn the technique, and some are better at it than others, but the ones that learn it have an advantage.”

Though I watch dolphins most every evening at John’s Pass I have yet to witness this for myself. I plan on taking a kayak tour (when safe to do so) and hope to see this incredible behavior!


Categories: Observations


  1. Except for the beer-drinking part, that looks much more fun than how human’s do it! 😉

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