More Than Pretty


Bee Attracted to Pickerelweed Flower, Largo, Florida March 2020

Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata) is an aquatic plant, native to North America, that can be found from coast to coast, south to north, primarily in areas with quiet waters. Sources say it is supposed to flower in late summer (June through October) but these were already blooming. I know its been warm down here (in the mid 80s) but late March is nowhere near summer!

This is not just another pretty flower, it is also a good nectar provider for pollinators and their leaves offer shelter to small fish. On top of that, the nut-like seeds are edible as are the tender young leaves. Most sources recommend cooking the latter like greens* and serving them with butter. Because butter makes everything better, no?

*Greens, for those of you not knowin’ no better, is the southern term used for collard greens.



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