I Have Seen the Chicken


Chick with Her Chicken in the Bar, Treasure Island, Florida March 2020

I knew it was time to head home when I spotted this girl and her pet chicken in the local pub Saturday night. At first, I thought perhaps I’d had too much to drink and was merely seeing strange things (kind of like in the old Tom Waits song, “The Piano Has Been Drinking” – though I prefer the version by Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, give it a listen below). But nope, it wasn’t a weird vision, it was an actual live chicken. In the bar. Yep, time for me to go!

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  1. Dan is great, but this is a whole ‘nother song than Tom’s version (I’d have to side with Tom). Dan’s version was recorded that Jorma Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch, which is still on my bucket list to play there!

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    • I agree the versions are different but as much as I appreciate his songwriting ability, I just don’t enjoy Tom’s voice. It looks like a great venue! I love funky places like that. And I’d love to see you play there! 🙂


  2. Jorma is the owner of Fur Peace Ranch and runs classes for musicians, camp style. He was a former guitar player for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. He’s a great lead guitarist and amazing fingr-picking acoustic guitarist. Tom is admittedly an “acquired taste,” but some of his songs are easier to listen to, than others. Give this one a try, “The Heart Of Saturday Night.” It’s an old fav of mine.

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    • Nice one. I haven’t done a deep dive but I am familiar with some of his work. I owe a debt of gratitude to KXCI (https://kxci.org – local, nonprofit radio station in my old hometown of Tucson) to Radio MVY (https://mvyradio.org – local, nonprofit radio station on Martha’s Vineyard) for introducing me to some amazing artists! By the way, it is really easy to listen to MVY online and they have a killer blues show every night at 8pm ET.

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      • cool…I will have to check it out. I generally HATE radio stations, but it is always great if you can find a good one. I’ve been to Martha’s a few times. I liked Nantucket and Block Island, RI better (just less commercial) but I enjoyed Martha’s too.

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      • I agree with you about commercial radio stations but the two I mentioned are fantastic and the people that run them are dedicated to the music and bringing in great, but perhaps at times, lesser known artists. I’ve spent a decent amount of time in RI and on the Cape but never made it out to the Vineyard. Someday…

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      • My favorite was Block Island, but I enjoyed them all.

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