Music on the Bay

Shortly after moving here I became a member of the Tampa Bay Parrot Head Club. I had so many good experiences last year in Texas with the Parrot Heads of Port Aransas that I knew I wanted to continue with it.

The tagline of Parrot Head clubs is “Party with a Purpose” and they are a bunch of people that get together to enjoy music and raise money for charity. Last year’s Music on the Bay in Tampa raised over $62,000 for the local Shriner’s hospital, which is pretty impressive!

Unfortunately for me, I could only attend on Friday as I had to work the rest of the weekend but it was still a great event. I enjoyed seeing some of my favorite Trop Rock performers on stage again – I think they have as much fun as the audience (if not more)!

I just love Donny Brewer’s bluesy version of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville!

Throughout the day, lots of talent hopped on stage, including Paul Overstreet (he wrote Diggin’ Up Bones, among many other hits).

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