Western Palm Warbler


I encountered a few birds during my recent foray to an inland park. I first spotted this one hopping on the ground but missed a shot at it when a some kids ran by and flushed it. Disappointed, I turned away and was distracted by a nosy squirrel.

(By now everyone should hear the word “squirrel” in Dug’s voice from the movie Up.)

But I digress. I was given another go at this bird when it flew up into a nearby tree. I didn’t get great shots and from this one I would’ve had difficulty identifying the little bugger.


Thankfully, the ensuing shot caught a different angle which simplified it for me, as the yellow undertail coverts are distinctive on a Palm Warbler (Setophaga palmarum). One of the many reasons I take so many photos when I’m out and about, I just never know which snap is going to give me what I need.


Palm Warbler, St. Petersburg, Florida February 2020

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Now, Erin, what the heck is a Western Palm Warbler doing on the southeast gulfcoast?!!! Unless of course, it’s western being on the west coast of Florida!!?

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    • That’s a great question, Ernie! I don’t name these silly birds, trust me, there are a lot of name changes I would make. However, in this case, “Western” refers to the Palm Warblers that breed west of Hudson Bay. The ones that breed east of Hudson Bay are called, wait for it, Yellow Palm Warblers. I suppose that’s a decent name for them since they are yellow all over. The birding world sure keeps us on our toes, doesn’t it? 🙂


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