My Daily Routine


Enjoying the Morning Sun – (Sleepy) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

I thought I’d share the mellow routine that I’ve settled into during my time in Santa Teresa. Daybreak occurs around 5:30am every day of the year down here (since Costa Rica is only about 10° north of the equator the day length doesn’t differ much). After one or another animal alarm wakes me, I get dressed; swimsuit, cover up, and hat.

First order of business, sweeping out the sand and bugs that accumulated from the previous day (some of the unavoidable hazards of living in a tropical, beach town). Then it’s time for desayuno. By 8am I’m out the door, headed to the beach, after a quick stop at the mercado to buy a fresh banana.


Main Street in Santa Teresa During Rainy Season


Path to the Beach

The beach is siete minutos from my house, though I prefer walking further south toward Mal Pais (the fisherman’s village) since it is less congested down there.


This View Never Gets Old

I have a favorite spot where I do yoga and then spend the next few hours reading, writing, or just watching the surf. The climbing midday temperature and my growling stomach are signals that it’s time to head back to mi casa.


Walking North Toward Playa Carmen

After a refreshing shower and a bite of almuerzo, I spend time with the neighbor’s cute pup. We play tug of war (with an old rope I beachcombed) before retiring to my hammock for some relaxation.

By 4pm I’m wandering back down to la playa to get a good seat for the daily sunset extravaganza.


Dry Season Has Begun, Drawing in the Dust is a Fun Hobby

After the sun slides away (around 5:30) I meander back to the market to pick up provisions for cena. At this point I’m in for the night unless I’m meeting up with friends later.


Santa Teresa Sunset

It is a simple, uncomplicated life and I’m incredibly grateful to be spending this time in el paraíso.

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  1. and what a wonderful time of life-good for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a major detour from what I was supposed to be doing, but I have nothing to complain about. I am so grateful to finally be in Costa Rica and am trying to enjoy every moment! ❤


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