Ripening Acorns, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Tivoli, Texas September 2019

I am a day late for the Fall Equinox, but truly, when it is still in the 90s and sunny, can you blame me for failing to notice? While more northerly climes are already sporting reds and golds, this was the closest I could find down here. Still pretty in their own pale fashion.

Categories: Nature Notes


  1. Fall color is one of the few things I miss about living in the northeast. But the color doesn’t last long and quickly turns into fallen brown leaves and barren trees. It is a circle of life where the initial life and the dying are the prettiest, but eventually death is inevitable. We need to enjoy the colors of life, while we can…in trees and otherwise.


    • Growing up in southern Arizona the most fall color I had was when the aspens turned yellow up in the mountains. That vibrant hue was a sight to see! So far, the best color I’ve yet seen was in northern Wisconsin. I’ve spent time in the northeast but not during fall, sounds like it will be worth a trip someday! I love this part, Jack, “enjoy the colors of life” – well said! ❤


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